A selection of pictures I took during my travels.

What is documentary, what is art?

To me, photography is primarily about documenting and communicating stories, experiences and emotions. Art is when I succeed in that.

Offers & Prices

My pictures are available as a digital version (JPGs in medium resolution) or as prints on any material you like. More information here.


Prints will be sent directly to you from the laboratory. JPGs will be provided for download.


Let me know in an email which pictures you need (see picture ID) and in what form. I will reply and clarify the particulars.


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JPGs in web resolution (long edge: 960 pixels) for non-commercial use
1-3 photos: 15 Euro per photo
4-10 photos: 12,50 Euro per photo
10 or more pictures: 10 Euro per photo

Please let me know if you need photos for commercial use or JPGs in higher resolution.

You can order prints on any material you like, everything from cheap photo paper to canvas to aluminum and more is possible. The price consists of two variables: picture and print. The prices for the pictures themselves are shown below, in addition to that come the expenses for printing and shipping. You can choose from any online photo laboratory; if you don’t have a preference, I will choose one myself.

Here are the prices for the photos only. Additional costs apply for printing and shipping.

30x20 cm (300 dpi)
1-3 photos: 50 Euro per photo
4-10 photos: 40 Euro per photo
10 and more pictures: 30 Euro per photo

60x40 cm (300 dpi)
1-3 photos: 90 Euro per photo
4-10 Fotos: 75 Euro pro Foto
Ab 10 Fotos: 60 Euro pro Foto

90x60 cm and larger (dpi depend on size)
1-3 Fotos: 130 Euro pro Foto
4-10 photos: 110 Euro per photo
10 and more pictures: 90 Euro per photo

Order process

JPGs as web versions
Just let me know in an email which photos you need (each picture has its own ID, visible when you click on it). I will write you back and inform you of the total price and the banking information. As soon as I receive the money, I will provide the picture for you to download from my server.

Choose the picture you like, choose a size/format and a material (e.g. canvas, photo paper or other). You can also choose at which laboratory you want you the pictures to be printed at. If you don’t have a preference, I will choose one that I know and/or that is in your country, so shipping costs are limited. Provide all this information to me in an email and I will let you know about the total costs. As soon as I receive the money, I will order the laboratory to print the photos and have them sent to your address.

Please note: The watermark on digital images must not be removed under any circumstances.