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What is adventure?

It begins with leaving our comfort zone in pursuit of intense, challenging and extraordinary moments. Life offers all kinds of ways to get there – wilderness travel is one of them.


Outventurous – a lifestyle

Gaining knowledge about the world, living authentically, aspiring for moments of truth and happiness – those are desires we all share, consciously or unconsciously. But it’s on us to find ways to pursue them. For some it’s a sport, for others it could be starting up a business or raising children.

For me, it’s traveling. Which nowadays doesn’t sound overly spectacular, given that traveling might be the most popular hobby in western countries. Well, to me it’s not just a “hobby”, but an essence of my life. You are welcome to take part in that and be inspired.

My Videos

All videos are listed on my Youtube channel.

Good to know

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I’m away quite often, yet your messages will be answered quickly, Facebook will be updated as well. Find out who is helping me under About.
I’ve been traveling through remote wilderness areas worldwide for quite a few years now, mostly on foot, sometimes with a boat. You can get a good overview under Travels & World Map.
If there is anything you want to help me with, may it be about outdoor events, an interesting travel destination or a photo contest, please let me know. I’m thankful for any inspiration.
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