Smaller groups, learning from each other and intensive reflection.

When you want to up your game.

If you intend to gain understanding and improve your skills, consider a workshop. Groups motivated enough to learn about new ideas and techniques won’t need much prior knowledge about the topics we discuss.

What’s the right workshop?

Whether you are member of an educational institution, an outdoor club or a group of adventurous friends looking for an exciting activity: Email me, I’m happy to help you out with a workshop. You choose from the topics below or send me your ideas and preferences so I can design a complete new workshop suitable for what it is you are looking for. There is a lot to discuss when it comes to travels, the outdoors and photography, but we can also dig into topics like motivation and life choices which might be especially interesting to pupils and students.

Email me for more information



Everything about travel photography – from the technical aspects to the best shot on location.

Wilderness Know-How

For adventurers looking to increase their outdoor knowledge with the prospect of ambitious wilderness travels in the future.


Is it possible to turn a hobby into a source of income? And if yes, would that at all be advisable?


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