Trip Planning

For those who need help with their journey, but don’t want to take a guide.

Insufficient planning makes for dangerous adventures.

Good preparation is a necessary condition of successful journeys. If you intend to go on an ambitious trip without a guide, you can ask me for help anytime.

Things I can help you with

First off: Most of the emails I get contain short questions about a specific aspect of trip planning such as choice of equipment, budget, difficulty of certain river crossings or passes and so on. Usually these questions take only a few minutes to answer which I will obviously keep doing free of charge. Travelers help each other and share their knowledge – that goes without saying. And it really doesn’t cause that much trouble to explain why, for example, one sleeping bag might under certain circumstances be superior to another one.

But there are more complex issues. Long routes through trail-less terrain, logistics in countries with minimal infrastructure, putting together an entire list of equipment – these things take time. Over the years I have received more and more inquiries from motivated beginners in the outdoor world, which made me decide to now explicitly offer my help and advice through Email or Skype. Of course you can also research everything on the internet or attend a workshop, but I can quickly and specifically help you with your travel idea.

Whatever it is you need help with: just write me an email. If your problem is easily solved, I will do it for free, if it requires extensive research or simply a lot of time on my side, I will suggest an appropriate fee to you. You can involve me in all steps of your trip planning.

My outdoor skill set

Wilderness and trail-less terrain 95%
River expeditions 85%
Mountaineering and technical climbing 40%
Equipment 95%
Nutrition 80%
Physical preparation 85%
Logistics 90%
Budgeting 95%
Cultural and political challenges 90%
Photography 90%

Examples of travel planning aspects


Choice and handling of equipment

Minimizing costs

Planning of logistics and food supplies on complex routes

Dealing with predators (e.g. bears and wolves)

Route planning and feasibility of critical places in trail-less terrain

Risk management and safety

From previous travels

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