Learn, think, wonder.

I love to share my stories, give inputs and spread inspiration.

It’s not like I constantly need to talk about traveling, but when in front of a curious audience, I see it as a privilege to share my experiences. While my Workshops are designed for intensive reflection in smaller groups, travel presentations are more universal and typically shorter.

What are these presentations about?

In general I can give presentations about a variety of topics related to traveling, wilderness, foreign cultures and photography. You will find a selection of topics below.

However, I prefer when people just email me about their preferences, hopes and ideas concerning the speech I should give. We can then discuss this together and either pick an existing presentation or I can design a complete new one, depending on what seems best for the audience under the circumstances. Set-up, timeframe and other organizational matters can be discussed via email or in person.

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Travel presentations

Stories and inspiring insights from around the world, backed by professional photographs.


Rather technical presentations for all those who want to gain knowledge about preparing and conducting wilderness travels or improve in photography.


Personal thoughts and inspiration related to travel, life, authenticity and happiness.


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