Custom Trips

Where you want, when you want, with whom you want.

Outventurous doesn’t sell ready-made vacation packages.

But only custom-made travels. Each journey is individually designed to fit the team’s preferences. Groups are rather small and planning is more in alignment with whatever it is the members intend to experience.


You travel alone, as a couple, a family or with your friends.


You tell me where you want to go – together we design your trip.


As long as I am available, you can choose the date of the journey.


We will tailor the trip to your abilities and expectations.

How do Custom Trips work?

If you have studied my previous journeys and decided that you want to hire me for a trip with you, just send me an email. We will discuss all your ideas and expectations together before I will take time to start planning your journey. The more detailed you can describe your experiences, abilities and expectations, the more precise I can fit a journey to what it is you are looking for. Besides planning the route and logistics of the journey, I will also help you with collecting the right equipment, travel documents and physical preparations. And then we are ready to go: I will guide you on location and will make sure that everybody stays safe and returns home from your adventure, rewarded with many valuable wilderness experiences.

Technically you can come to me with your ideas about any region you like, but of course it’s easier for me to plan journeys into places that I have already been to – you can check out an overview under Travels and World Map. If I don’t feel confident enough to plan the journey you request, I might still be able to connect you with other travelers and tour operators that I know.

Since all custom trips are unique, I can’t say anything about the costs you should expect. They depend on the region and the length of the trip, but also on group size, planning effort and required logistics on location.

What’s my expertise?

  • Trekking and wilderness travels
  • River trips with raft or canoe
  • Mountains, glaciers and ice fields
  • Deserts and desert-like regions
  • Jungle and rainforest
  • Summer and winter trips
  • Wildlife (e.g. bears, wolves, elephants)
  • Politically unstable regions
  • Cooperation with local guides
  • Air support through bush planes (Alaska)

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Travels & World Map

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